Deep Breath

doctor-who-S8E01-deep-breath-sc007 Synopsis

Deep Breath’s opening scene shows a dinosaur walking through Victorian London under the terrified eyes of its inhabitants, and we finally see the TARDIS again when the dinosaur spits it on the bank of the River Thames. When the TARDIS doors finally open and the Twelfth Doctor emerges, confused and weak after regeneration we can instantly see that this will be a hell of a journey, not only for the Time Lord, but also by his friends now that he has changed. The poor Doctor faints and is taken for Madame’s Vastra mansion, where Clara and the Paternoster Gang take care of him.

Since the Dinosaur is still out there, the Doctor assumes that it is his mission to save him (or her, it is a lady dinosaur after all), but the Dinosaur is just turned into ashes before everybody’s eyes. Things once more prove to be challenging when the mystery behind the death of the dinosaur leads the Doctor and Clara Oswald to an ancient race of android-zombies-clock-work creatures that use living beings bodies parts to remain alive. With The Doctor still struggling to understand who is this new him and Clara still in shock with the radical change of her dearest friend, things obviously don’t progress smoothly, but fortunately they are not alone and the Paternoster Gang comes to help them.


The Doctor needs to rescue the inhabitants of the Victorian London of being killed by an ancient race of androids-zombies that work like clocks and use human parts to stay alive. The task proves to be quite complicated as the Doctor is still struggling to understand who he is, and so does Clara, still in shock with the radical change of her dearest friend. Fortunately, they are not alone and the help comes from Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax (truth to be told, very elegant as Vastra’s butler). And is Madame Vastra who gives the first push in Clara to make her realize that the Doctor maybe have a new face, but he still needs her help. The scene where Vastra faces an enraged Clara Oswald under the amazed gaze of Jenny it is capable to bring smiles to some faces.

The poor Doctor, after an unsuccessful attempt to save the Dinosaur, disappears in the streets of London, still confused and in pain. (I haven’t said nothing before, but of course you already knew that the TARDIS was stuck in the dinosaur’s throat and had transported him (or her, according to the Doctor) to the Victorian London during their attempt to escape). “Have you seen this face before?”  he asks to a beggar, completely disoriented. “It’s funny because I’m sure that I have,” he adds, concerned not only because he can’t understand why he had chosen to regenerate into someone familiar but also into someone older than his last self. And here there is room for some speculation. Since Capaldi had participated in a previous episode of Doctor Who (“The Fires of Pompeii” in series 4), will be the Doctor’s new face related to the roman merchant Caecilius played by Capaldi?

I'm Scottish!

“I’m Scottish! It is good that I’m Scottish!”

But this thought suddenly disappears as you watch Capaldi taking advantage of his very expressive eyebrows and his Scottish accent. “Look at the eyebrows! Those are attack eyebrows!” he says, furrowing his thick brows to a now very scared beggar. And then, he celebrates his accent, “I’m Scottish! It is good that I’m Scottish! I can complain about things!

Clara and the Doctor meet again in an Italian restaurant, both convinced to do it by a note about the Impossible Girl in the paper. She is impeccably dressed in a Victorian frock, he stinks inside the beggar’s clothes. This is the first chance they have for a real conversation and when the Doctor smiles to her, Clara shows that, despite being there, she still is not prepared to face him. “No. Don’t… Don’t smile. I will smile first and then you’ll know that is safe to smile.

The argument that happens next finally gives us the first glimpses of the kind of relationship that Clara and this new Doctor will have, as well as the great and fabulous dynamic between the two actors that play them. Unlike the flirtatious Matt Smith’s Doctor, this new incarnation seems to embrace his two thousand years old showing a more serious and deeper aspect of his personality, but also revealing himself as someone much more unstable and darker. And this magically suits Capaldi and his “attack brows”.

From this moment until the end of the episode, you will become more and more convinced that Capaldi is the right choice, either when he reappears to save a terrified Clara, or while he threatens the ‘half-face-chief-zombie-robot’ as they fly over London, or even in the final sequence, the most emotional moment of this episode.

What do you think?

“What do you think?”

After the battle had been won (and forgetting the question that remained in the air if it was a murder or a suicide), the Twelfth Doctor shows us that he too have a soft side, and for little a moment, you will remember his predecessors when he shows off his new suit for Clara’s approval. This Doctor also can smile gently and even his attack brows can be softer. And so, the TARDIS lands again and Clara jumps to answer a phone call. On the other side is a weak and hoarse voice, but still a very familiar one. Is the Eleventh, calling her from Trenzalore, just a moment before the regeneration that will make him change into his new self. There is a good reason for him to do that. The sweet Eleventh knows what lies ahead, when the two of them will be afraid of whom he have became, when the two of them will be apart by Clara’s doubts and by his own regrets. Then he makes to her his last and also his first request.

doctor-who-S8E01-deep-breath-sc013“I think you might be scared. But however scared you are, Clara, now that the man you are with right now… The man I hope you are with, believe me, he is more scared than anything you can imagine right now. Help him. He needs you.” 

And, everything ends just as it has to be, putting a smile on our faces and leaving a trail of unanswered questions for the next episodes. The Doctor himself is whom fix things between Clara and his new/old self as we watched them walking quietly through the streets of Glasgow in their quest for coffee. Of course he has yet many things to discover about himself and Clara still has to learn how to trust him again, but therein lies the Doctor’s duality, he is a freak and enthralling unsolved mystery.


Peter CapaldiThe Doctor
Jenna ColemanClara Oswald
Neve McIntoshMadame Vastra
Catrin StewartJenny Flint
Dan StarkeyStrax
Michelle GomezMissy
Peter FerdinandoHalf Face Man
Matt SmithEleventh Doctor



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  1. I really loved the new doctor! At last we are leaving behind the “baby doctor” stuff! This one has a strong potential. I just hope they change the companion as well. Jenna is a good actress but that’s not the point. She has a teenage face, she can’t deliver the strength that a doctor companion should give, even less with this new powerfull doctor. If this doctor is darker as I feel he is (thank God), he needs a woman with a life behind, with common sens and sens of humor.

    I really hope to see a “love episode” between River Song and this doctor! Ages fits perfectly! It’s a great oportunity to take back the doctor’s daughter as well. DIffetence of age it’s great to make an encounter between that bolodie daughter and this older doctor.

    I didn’t like the interior of the TARDIS, too clean, clear, white, too “machine”, There is a lack of something more “organic” in there.

    The story was a little bit childish. I hope more acid corners of the doctor will appears.

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