Welcome to Sherwood Forest! This is the promise of Doctor Who next episode, “Robot of Sherwood”


The third episode of Doctor Who eighth series, “Robot of Sherwood” will lead us to Nottingham, in the middle of Sherwood Forest, for a meeting with Robin Hood and his merry bunch. The trailers released by the BBC gives us a hope that this episode, unlike the first two, will be full of action and humor.

“There is no Robin Hood,” claims a bad tempered Doctor, stepping outside the TARDIS just one second before the little blue cabin being hit by a well-aimed arrow coming from the forest.

Clara, unlike the Doctor, seems to be completely dazzled to meet the one who seems to be her favorite historical character. So, she doesn’t bother to clearly demonstrate her fascination for Robin Hood’s joy and the Doctor irritation.

So, come on, fellow Whovians! Be brave! Let’s join the Doctor and his happy bunch in the middle of Sherwood Forest!

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