smileSmile, series 10 second episode, starts exactly where we’d left Bill and the Doctor at the ending of The Pilot: inside the TARDIS, chatting about where to go. And when Bill chooses the future because she needs to know if it will be happy, I wasn’t really expecting to smile during a good part of the episode. Because, puns apart, that’s what Smile will make you: to smile.  From the many remarks Bill is able to do about the Time Lord and his beloved space ship, to the Doctor himself. Twelve is again at his best doctor-y mode, jumping around and making happy faces to convince the Vardi that he is really happy. 

In Smile, the Doctor and Bill find themselves in the first human colony outside the Earth and need to solve the mystery of why, in a world that seems nearly to perfect, there are no humans at all. They can only find robots. From the really small Vardi that work like a swarm of bees to the very likable emojibots that, according to the Doctor are no real robots but just the interface between the Vardi and the humans.

As the episode progresses, you’ll find some interesting bits about the place they are and the Vardi (including that they can really make you remember the Vastra Nerada).   

smileSmile has this Old Series vibe about it. It’s incredible locations (congratulations for the DW production team for that) provides us with beautiful shots and contributes to make the experience of this episode only more enjoyable. You can be surprised to find out that you have spent almost 80 percent of the episode only in the company of the Doctor and Bill, though Nardole makes a small and funny apparition at the very beginning.   

It’s a good episode, not a remarkably good one or an unforgettable one, but a very good indeed. And, not wanting to spoil the things, even if the ending is a bit disappointing, I can bet you will have fun with it, specially because Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie have once again great performances.  



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