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time heist


In Time Heist, The Doctor and Clara are recruited by a mysterious man who calls himself “The Architect” to invade and rob the safest bank in the Galaxy, the Karabraxos bank. To help them in this adventure, were also recruited two more people, Psi, an augmented human and Saibra, a mutant human. Despite not remembering how they got there, they all have a secret motive to rob the bank and this adventure will lead us to discover that there is much more hidden behind the mysterious Architect than a simple bank robbery.


What happens when the Doctor and Clara Oswald are recruited by a mysterious man to break into and rob the safest bank in the Galaxy? The result is “Time Heist“, a fabulous adventure that seems to be born from a mixture of “Oceans Eleven” with “Minority Report“, the fifth episode of Doctor Who’s new series.

The opening scene is one of those hilarious moments when the Doctor shows his complete inability to understand the feminine universe. And once again the dynamic between Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi is a delight to watch.


Very well produced and full of special effects, “Time Heist” is one typical Doctor Who’s adventure, exciting, intriguing and funny, but with the already distinct mark of Capaldi. Does anyone still have any question about why he was chosen to the new Doctor? He is the one who virtually wins every scene of this episode, which also features Jonathan Bailey (as Psi), Pippa Bennett-Warner (as Saibra) and Keeley Hawes (as Ms Delphox / Madame Karabraxos), and, of course Jenna Coleman, also brilliant in her Clara Oswald.

doctor-who-series-8-time-heist (83)The new season has gifted us with remarkable episodes, which although independent of each other,  always have a fine line connecting them. In the beginning, as soon as the Doctor and Clara are surprised by the TARDIS phone ringing, he mentions again the mysterious woman who gave the TARDIS phone number to Clara in the first episode, just another one of the questions we hope to have answered by the end of this season.

With some of their recent memories wiped out by the memory worms, chased by the bank’s security and by the scary “The Teller”, our quartet of heroes lives up to their title while running through the bank’s corridors, following the clues left by the mysterious Architect until they reach the central safe.

doctor-who-series-8-time-heist (114)But beyond the visual quality (the scene where we first see the inside of the Bank Karabraxos is very beautiful), the good screenplay by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat invites us to embark on a lively and technological adventure, making of this episode one of the “must seen” of this season.



Peter CapaldiThe Doctor
Jenna ColemanClara Oswald
Keeley HawesMs Delphox/Madame Karabraxos
Jonathan BaileyPsi
Pippa Bennett-WarnerSaibra
Trevor SellersMr Porrima
Ross MullanThe Teller


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