Downton Abbey finale and the Christmas Special ahead

DOWNTON_S5_XMASAfter a season full of ups and downs, more ups than downs in my opinion, Downton Abbey finished with a surprisingly good eighth episode, which has left some unanswered questions for the Christmas special and open story lines that can be developed in the next season. Let’s take a look in how things finished and what could come next.

Cora and Robert reconciled and once again became the affectionate couple we were useddownton-abbey-s5x08-29 to see. It is nice to watch Lady Grantham making eyes for her husband over the dinner table again  and Lord Grantham saying lovely things to his wife with a charming smile on his lips or a deep look in his intense blue eyes. Interestingly, even the lovely line that he delivered in the Christmas’ Special trailer has left some fans worried about the future of the couple and fears about the health of the two already hover in the air. And when it comes to Downton Abbey, no suspicion is unfounded. I remember very well when last year a picture was published on the official series Instagram (or was it on facebook?)  saying that “the love of Lord and Lady Grantham was the pillar of Downton Abbey” (or something like that) and we had just watched what had happened to them this season. But I really doubted that someone want to kill one of them off for the next season with some really more obvious choices ahead.

Sad thing that Isis had kicked the bucket (we will miss you, girl!), but she was really old even for a fictional dog. But then maybe, by Christmas time we will see some puppies running through the library with George, Sybbie and Marigold on their heels.

Without any more deaths on the horizon so far, at least one of the two potential weddings had happened. Lady Rose and her still perfect Atticus got married, despite all the efforts or her adorable mother. Cheers to Lady Sinderby for showing who is the boss, by the way! And, of course, for renting Alnwick Castle to receive the Crawleys on Christmas episode. I’m really excited to see the Dowager revealing her true identity and appearing in the dining room as Minerva McGonagall.

DAS5x08 Lady EdithAnyway, after an infinite number of episodes in misery, Edith finally smiled besides her lovely daughter and I hope that she could live a period of peace and happiness after all. I do not think it will happen some really exciting thing for her in the Christmas episode, but who knows? Maybe Matthew Goode’s character can think her more interesting than Mary and decides to woo her? But, please, I don’t want nothing complicated and painful for the girl. Bring her an uncomplicated and happy romance with someone who is funny, clever, very good dancer, loves children and don’t give damn thing about the fact Marigold being the daughter of another man. Someone who preferably won’t abandon her at the altar nor disappear and die somewhere abroad. Is it ask for much?

Robert made a lot of people ate their own words proving that he is indeed a very affectionate man who is concerned about people around him, even if his way to show it sometimes is not the best. He put a memorial plaque to honor Mrs. Patmore’s nephew, confessed to his wife that he felt terribly guilty for not believing in her and accepted peacefully that the little Marigold is his granddaughter.

Even though far from doom, not everybody upstairs had a happy ending, at least not so far. Tom is still struggling in take his final decision about his future, although there are many indications that he is leaving for America, he talked about it at least three times in the last episode! Then all the suspense is reserved for Christmas. And unless there is some surprising plot twist, we will have to say ours goodbyes to the former chauffeur. But I really doubt that he won’t return for the next season. Tom is a character that has grown very much throughout the series so they can just give him up. So my bet is if Tom will leave us, it will be only for a few episodes.

Lady Mary feels the weight of loneliness on her shoulders after seeing all her three downton-abbey-5x08-mary-tonysuitors saying their goodbyes, losing Rose’s company and probably Tom’s as well. Which means that the brunette’s heart needs someone again. Maybe Matthew Goode will be the one.  But I still don’t believe that after two seasons of Tony Gillingham and Charles Blake none of them will stay and, since Tony is not Mary’s choice, I’d like to believe that Blake can come back from Poland to surprise Mary.

Isobel saw her plans in becoming the next Lady Merton being crushed by the prejudice (and rudeness, by the way) of Lord Merton’s sons and Violet, for the first time in the series, faces a life changing decision. Merton is in the Christmas Special and his line is at least curious when he says that he had watched a kind of competition with high stakes which he waits to be the winner. Maybe Doctor Clarkson will come back to the scene and try once more to win Isobel’s heart?

Downstairs none of the story lines developed as I had expected. The romance between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, which, of course, had its good moments along this season. Who didn’t thought Mr. Carson’s proposal for them to invest in a property together as practically a future marriage proposal? Really cute, but the romance still burned very slowly for those who finished last season walking hand in hand on a beach. But since my theory is that Carson and Hughes will only marry in the last season, until there we will have to be happy with the tiny little moments.

Daisy is still a rebellious teenager who needs constant guidance. Thanks God for Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason! By the way, could Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason be a thing? Maybe united by their care about Daisy? It would be nice and Mrs. Patmore deserves a more complex story line of herself.

Thomas tried to go back to the old days, but without O’Brien, none of his evil plans seems to go to somewhere. Romance blossomed between Molesley and Baxter, maybe that many times it had reminded me Anna and Bates story, but in reversed roles. Not even if Mr. Molesley had a million of lifes to live he would be able to reach some of Bates’ dark and cunning personality, it didn’t matter how dark he dye his hair.

downton-abbey-5x08-mr-batesAnd, finally, speaking in Bateses, none of suffering and pain any other character had to endure this season, except maybe Lady Edith and some Thomas moments, comes close to what the cruel pen of Julian Fellowes had reserved for the couple. In one of that moments in which you close your eyes and pray for the Gods that protect the British Period Dramas Characters (and fail), he put Anna behind the bars, leaving everybody in suspense until Christmas Special, when we all hope that this story line can came to a conclusion. A happy one. And please, solve the mystery of who killed Green and let everybody, especially Anna and Bates, move on. No one wants to have another Christmas Day like season three. Never more.

Enjoy a peek in the information ITV has released about the Christmas Special.

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