When Downton Abbey meets Doctor Who

What does happen when Downton Abbey meets Doctor Who? A “Downton Who“? Or it will be more like a “Doctor Abbey“? All right, ok, forget the bad jokes and please DO NOT PANIC. I’m not trying to suggest a crossover, although I’m pretty sure that the Doctor, especially Eleventh, would love to make a visit to the Crawleys in Edwardian England. Anyway, this is just a collection of encounters (which doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d shared some screen time) between the actors of these two brilliant British series.

1) Paddington (2014, Movie): Hugh Bonnevile as Mr. Brown and Peter Capaldi as Mr. Curry in the big screen adaptation of the series of popular children’s books by Michael Bond, to be released next November in UK.

     hugh-bonneville-mr-brown-paddington-2014        peter-capaldi-mr-curry-paddington-2014

2) The Fifth State (2013, Movie): Dan Stevens as The Guardian reporter, Ian Katz andfifth-state-peter-capaldi-dan-stevens-002 Peter Capaldi as The Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger. It is a drama which chronicles the story of Julian Assange (played by a very blond Benedict Cumberbatch) with the launch in 2006 of the controversial Wikileaks website and the disintegration of his relationship with Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the author of “Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange At the World’s Most Dangerous Website“.

3) Baggage (2005, TV Series): Phyllis Logan as Fiona and Peter Capaldi as Alistair. The series was set in Scotland and portraits the story of three fortyish friends, Caroline, Fiona and Ruth.

peter-capaldi-house-of-94) House of 9 (2005, Movie): Jim Carter as The Watcher (voice) and Peter Capaldi as Max Roy, a clothes designer. It is a thriller which shows nine strangers who have been abducted and locked inside a house. A mysterious voice called The Watcher (Jim Carter) tells them that they are to play a game: the last person alive can leave the house and win five million dollars.

5) What Rats Won’t Do (1998, Movie): Samantha Bond as Jane and Peter Capaldi as Tony; It’s a comedy which shows us the soon to be married lawyer Kate Beckenham has landed the case of a lifetime. Her courtroom opponent turns out to be the charming Jack Sullivan, who has never lost a single case.

peter-capaldi-the-crow-road6) The Crow Road (1996, TV Series): David Robb as Fergus Urvill and Peter Capaldi as Rory McHoan; Troubled young Prentice McHoan (Joseph McFayden), wrestling with the catastrophe that is his life, strives to uncover the truths buried by his secretive family and to solve the mystery of his long-disappeared Uncle Rory (Capaldi).

7) Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1995, short movie): written and directed by by Peter Capaldi, with Richard E. Grant as Franz Kafka and Phyllis Logan as Frau Bunofsky, won an Academy Award for Best Short Film, Live Action and a BAFTA award for Best Short Film.

8) Soft Top Hard Shoulder (1993, Movie): Peter Capaldi as Gavin Bellini and Phyllis Logan as Karla. It’s a British comedy drama movie that follows Gavin Bellini journey, the son of a ice cream maker from Glasgow, from London to his hometown to meet again his falmily and his ill father in his 60th birthday party in order of not being cut out of his father’s will.


9) Doctor Who Series 6, “The Curse of the Black Spot: Hugh Bonneville as Captain Henry Avery and Matt Smith as The Eleventh; Hugh makes a guest appearance as a pirate, Captain Henry Avery.


10) Twenty Twelve Series 1 and 2 (2011 and 2012, TV Series): Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher and David Tennant as the narrator. Twenty Twelve is a spoof on-location documentary (ortwenty-twelve-ian-fletcher-hugh-bonneville mockumentary) following the organisation of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, by the team led by Ian Fletcher, the Head of Deliverance of the Olympic Deliverance Commission.

11) W1A (2013, TV Series): Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher and David Tennant as the narrator. This series brings back Ian Fletcher, the formerly the Head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission, has taken up the position of Head of Values at the BBC. His task is to clarify, define, or re-define the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future

12) Glorious 39 (2009, Movie): Hugh Bonneville as Gilbert Williams and David Tennant as Hector. On the eve of World War II, as the formidable Keyes family tries to uphold its traditional way of life, daughter Anne (Romola Garai) sees her life unravel when she stumbles upon secret recordings that could shake the establishment.

glorious-39-hugh-bonneville-gilbert-williams  glorious-39-david-tennant-hector

13) The Last September (1999, Movie): Maggie Smith as Lady Myra Naylor and David Tennant as Captain Gerald Colthurst. In 1920s Ireland, an elderly couple reside over aThe-Last-September-david-tennant tired country estate. Living with them are their high-spirited niece, their Oxford student nephew, and married house guests, who are trying to cover up that they are presently homeless. The niece enjoys romantic frolics with a soldier and a hidden guerrilla fighter. All of the principals are thrown into turmoil when one more guest arrives with considerable wit and unwanted advice.

14) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005, Movie): Maggie Smith as Prof. Minerva McGonagall and David Tennant as Bartemius ‘Barty’ Crouch Junior. Harry Potter finds himself mysteriously selected as an under-aged competitor in a dangerous tournament between three schools of magic.


15) Bright Young Things (2003, Movie): Jim Carter as Chief Customs Officer and David Tennant as Ginger Littlejohn. An adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel “Vile Bodies,” is a look into the lives of a young novelist, his would-be lover, and a host of young people who beautified London in the 1930’s.

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