The man who stayed for Christmas… and forever


From time to time our most beloved time lord changes his face. It’s a worldwide acknowledged truth (at least for us, his personal crowd of believers), and even so it is hard to move on. Just like the Doctor, who loses a piece of his heart each time a companion leaves him, we also struggle to follow a new Doctor. Even knowing that he is the same man (or alien) inside. All ours fear are justified because we don’t know what will come next. Will the new doctor have charisma enough to convince us to get inside his TARDIS without questioning his motives and follow him through the time and space without fear of what we’ll find when we get there? Who knows?

The Doctor will always be eccentric and funny, brilliant even when he is being stupid. A delightfully charming maniac. It’s part of who he is and it’s what makes us love him. But Matt Smith’s Doctor Who was much more than that. It will be unforgettable, not only by the personality Matt had brought to him, or by the breathtaking pace of his interpretations, or because of the large and uninterrupted movements of his arms and hands, or the feelings that his eyes were able to show us. But also because of Amelia Pond and River Song, endearing characters in brilliant performances of the actresses who had personified them. Amelia Pond and River Song were women guided by their hearts, even when nobody else believed them. Just like Matt’s Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor is gone, as well as the lovely Amelia Pond and the incomparable River. And despite of missing them terribly, please, bring on the twelfth. Peter Capaldi has a big challenge ahead and so am I. But, what is the point of Doctor Who if not a big challenge?

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