Outlander, a lovely surprise

I had heard many comments about Outlander both books and on the television series, until a fewoutlander-book-series-001 days ago I decided to venture myself first exploring the books. The series consists of eight books written by the american writer Diana Gabaldon, the first of it is “Outlander” released in 1991 and the last, “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” recently released in 2014. Don’t be fooled by the slow pace of the first paragraphs, because the story of Claire Randall, an English woman who had served as a nurse at the front during World War II that finds herself inexplicably back in time to the eighteenth century Scotland, surely will captivate your mind and your heart in no time. I could tell you lots of things about the books, but I think that the best way to learn about it is reading it. You can also satisfy your curiosity about it in Diana Gabaldon web site.

Excited by what I had seen in the first book I decided to watch the first episode of the TV series, and I found myself completely hooked after the first five minutes.

Outlander-001The television series is an American-British production and was shown at the American TV cable channel Starz, winning a second season after only its first episode had aired. The second season will be adapted from the second book, “Dragonfly in Amber” and will probably have thirteen episodes, three shorter than the sixteen episodes from first season. By the way, the first season was split in two and eight episodes had already aired in 2014 and the next eight will be shown only from April 4, 2015.

Claire-Randall-003Everything in the show is a delight, the stunning views of the magnificent scenery of Scotland, the well-adapted dialogues from the book, the details and care of the production, the performances of the actors. But it’s still the saga of Claire Randall, the way the story is always told in her perspective, interspersed with moments of her past memories, that captivated me to the point of making me to watch the eight episodes of the first season in a weekend.

The books are enthralling, a world wide success and a must read for fans of fantasy and historical books. But the TV series that gave life to Gabaldon characters is even better. And now, I am one more desperately waiting to know what comes next.

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