Episode 1: Doll 123

Victoria Episode 01 Doll 123


Doll 123 is the first episode of Victoria and shows the struggle of the young Alexandrina Victoria (Jenna Coleman) in her firsts steps to become Queen Victoria. At the first hours after knowing about the death of her uncle, King William IV, she has to face her own insecurities, fight her mother against the influence of her personal advisor, sir John Conroy, and prove herself capable of be the Queen her country need in front of the Lords.

We follow the steps of this brave and determined young woman from the firsts hours of knowing herself Queen to her own acknowledge that her days of playing with dolls are now far beyond her.


The year is 1837 and the King, being very will has retreated to Windsor. At Kensington Palace, an eighteen year old Alexandrina Victoria (Jenna Coleman), King William’s niece, is awaken up to the news of her uncle dead. Now she is Queen of England.

But things are not easy for the young Victoria, she has to face her firsts challenges immediately: freed herself from the influence and control of her own mother and her personal adviser, Sir John Conroy. The last tries immediately make Victoria accept him as her Private Secretary, which the young monarch fiercely rejects telling him and her mother that she is completely able to deal with the Lords by herself.

Victoria dislikes Sir John fiercely, knowing him to be responsible for her life of reclusion in Kensington as well as his desire of be the one behind her reign. But if Victoria is determined to do the things by her own and accept the influence of no one, Sir John and her mother, the Duchess of Kent, won’t quit easily of their plans of having the Duchess named to regency under the advice of Sir John. So they don’t lose an opportunity to try to weaken the young Queen in front of her Lords and her subjects.

If Victoria has strong opponents under her own roof, she soon finds in the figure of the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, someone in whom she can confide and, after having rejected his own proposal for being her Private Secretary once, she asks him to be.

The pair quickly form a strong bond with each other as Lord M, as Victoria starts to call him, helps her with the nuances of the day by day of a monarch and politics. Their proximity is not seen with good eyes by some of the Lords especially her Uncle, Lord Cumberland and, of course, her mother and Sir John Conroy that see Melbourne’s influence over the young Queen as an obstacle to her own plans.


Jenna ColemanVictoria
Catherine FlemmingDuchess of Kent
Daniela HoltzBaroness Lehzen
Nell HudsonMiss Skerrett
Ferdinand KingsleyCharles Elmé Francatelli
Tommy KnightBrodie
Eve MylesMrs. Jenkins
Paul RhysSir John Conroy
Adrian SchillerPenge
Peter FirthDuke of Cumberland
Rufus SewellLord Melbourne


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