Victoria is an eight episodes TV drama series that shows the early days in the life of Queen Victoria, from the day she finds out she has become a Queen through the courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. It is a TV show created by Daisy Goodwin who based her story not only in the historical persona of the young Queen as well as into her diaries, paintings and letters, trying to portrait who the real life Victoria was.


victoria s101 001Episode 1: Doll 123

With the death of the King William IV, his niece, the young Alexandrina Victoria is now the Queen of England. Having lived a life so far reclusive and controlled by his mother, the Duchess of Kent and her ally, the ambitious Sir John Conroy, Victoria now faces the challenges of not only growing up, but also in finding up who are her real friends and allies.
victoria ladies in waiting 001Episode 2: Ladies in Waiting

Lord Melbourne is forced to resign when he almost lost the vote on the Jamaica Bill what leaves the young Queen very shaken. Advised by Melbourne after Wellington don't accept her invitation to be her Premier, Victoria asks them Sir Robert Peel to be Melbourne's successor. But the Tory is not willing to form a ministry if the Queen won't replace her Whig ladies for Tory ones. Victoria refuses to do it and secretly sees the situation as an opportunity to have Melbourne back while Conroy and her uncle Cumberland join in a plot that might take one of them into the regency.
victoria lord melbourneEpisode 3: Brocket Hall

Victoria's uncle, King Leopold, suggests that she might consider Prince Albert as her future husband while Victoria sees herself surrounded by suitors, the Russian Grand Duke and her cousin George Cambridge. But Victoria doesn't seem to be interested in the company of no one than her dear Lord M.
victoria itvEpisode 4: The Clockwork Prince

Albert's reserved demeanour, his sometimes critical and cold behaviour to the young Queen seems to fuel an antipathy between the two cousins. But what initially seemed to be a relationship doomed to failure, gradually changes into something else with the growing attraction between them and the revelation of different aspects of their personalities.
victoria itvEpisode 5: An Ordinary Woman

Between talks of a title and a proper income to Prince Albert, Victoria seeks Melbourne for his approval on her marriage. There is some pressure from the Privy Council, not totally happy with the idea of the Queen's future husband being a German and some question if the Prince is indeed a Protestant and not a Catholic as his Uncle Leopold. But veiled arguments and tribulations apart, a great wedding ceremony takes place at the palace, followed by a bittersweet and heartbreaking goodbye.
victoria itvEpisode 6: The Queen’s Husband

Albert struggles to be accepted by the court and to find a place of his own, not willing to be seen only as the Queen's husband, but Victoria has her ow ideas in how to make Albert being accept more easily. Seeing the abolitionist movement as an opportunity, Albert makes a speech that will impress many and gather support for the cause. Noticing Ernest proximity with the Duchess of Sutherland, Alberts advises his brother to come back to Germany.
victoria itvEpisode 7: The Engine of Change

Victoria is pregnant and terrified of childbirth, wishing to appoint a regent for their child. Albert is impressed by the railway, seeing it as a way to progress and trying to convince his young with of the benefits it will bring to the reign. He is approached by Sir Robert Peel, who, sharing his views, supports the Prince for him to become the regent.
Episode 8: Young England

Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria
Catherine Flaming as the Duchess of Kent
Eve Myles as Mrs. Jenkins
Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne
Tom Hughes as Prince Albert
David Oakes as Prince Ernest
Daniela Holtz as Baroness Lehzen



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