Doctor Who Episode Guide

Doctor Who Episode Guide

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Doctor Who was first aired on November 23, 1963, with the episode “An Unearthly Child“. By December 2013, 800 episodes had been shown, what earned the series the record for the largest number of episodes for a science fiction TV program. (* at the end of  2015, after Capaldi’s two series, we had 826 episodes in account).

The ability to regenerate into a different person, changing only the face and traits of its personality, but keeping his essence as a man and his memories, was the solution the producers had found when Hartnell decided to leave the show. At the end the idea not only had become a trade mark of the beloved character as also a guarantee for a long life of the TV Show. From the First Doctor William Hartnell to the most recent incarnation played by Peter Capaldi, thirteen actors had portrayed the Time Lord, including Sir John Hurt as the War Doctor.

It is usual to divide the TV Show in two distinct phases, the Original Series (or Classic Who) that comprises the period from 1963 to 1989 (from William Hartnell to Paul McGann) and the revival (or New Who) from 2005 to nowadays. In these two different eras, the format of the show logically changed, though, as much as the main character, its essence remained.

Classic Who stories were mostly divided into multiple episodes part of 25 minutes each while New Who stories are presented mostly as self-contained episodes of 45 minutes long with a few multi-part stories. Now, each new season consists of 12 episodes and a Christmas Special of around 60 minutes, all recorded in high definition video.

The series survives and continues to delight the fans, with no stoping changes in all levels what always keeps it fresh and alive. The year of 2014 brought us a new Doctor, the Twelfth, played by Peter Capaldi. Last year we bid our goodbyes to Clara Oswald, the companion with the longest tenure in New Who, played by Jenna Coleman and Series 10 will be the last for the formidable producer / main writer Steven Moffat.

SeriesYearThe DoctorPlayed ByNumber of EpisodesPremiere Date (UK)
Series 12005Ninth DoctorChristopher Eccleston1326 Mar 2005
Series 22006Tenth DoctorDavid Tennant1315 Apr 2006
Series 32007Tenth DoctorDavid Tennant1331 Mar 2007
Series 42008Tenth DoctorDavid Tennant135 Apr 2008
Series 52010Eleventh DoctorMatt Smith133 Apr 2010
Series 62011Eleventh DoctorMatt Smith1323 Apr 2011
Series 72012 / 2013Eleventh DoctorMatt Smith131 September 2012
Series 82014Twelfth DoctorPeter Capaldi1223 August 2014

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