Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

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The TARDIS is picked up by an intergalactic salvage crew, accidentally knocking Clara into the depths of the TARDIS. Needing help to rescue her, the Doctor promises the Van Baalen brothers (Ashley Walters, Mark Oliver, Jahvel Hall) the salvage of a lifetime. To ensure cooperation, the Doctor locks everyone in and sets the self-destruct to go off in 30 minutes. In the meantime, Clara has been running from a molten creature and discovers the TARDIS library, where she finds The History of the Last Great Time War and sees something surprising in it. Reunited, everyone races to the engine room, and the Doctor reveals the molten zombies are echoes of their future selves; they were reduced to that state by staying too long in the room housing the Eye of Harmony. The Doctor and Clara arrive in the engine room, where he confronts her about her other lives; Clara honestly has no clue about her other lives, making the Doctor happy to know she’s not the one responsible. Clara asks the Doctor why he goes by that name, having seen his true name in the book; however, the Doctor tells her it’s something that must never be said. Creating a device to rewrite the moment the TARDIS was assaulted by the Van Baalens’ ship, the Doctor uses a time fissure to pass to his past self; using it sends the TARDIS to a different location just as the Van Baalens’ detected it.


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