Nightmare in Silver

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Because Artie and Angie are blackmailing Clara, the Doctor decides to take the children to Hedgewick’s World Of Wonders. However, it has long been abandoned since the Cyber-wars. Seeing strange insects, the Doctor decides to stay; at the same time, the Emperor of several galaxies has gone missing as well. Cybermites, the upgraded versions of Cybermats, graft a cybernetic piece to the Doctor’s head, giving him a split personality, Mr. Clever, the Cyber-Planner; they agree to play chess to win complete dominance over their shared mind. In the meantime, the Cybermen, now faster and sleeker than ever, capture Artie and Angie, putting them under their mind control. Mr. Clever makes the Doctor sacrifice his queen piece to free the children. The Doctor makes a half-bluff, saying he can win in three moves: getting a neural shock device, amplifying it with the sonic screwdriver, and frying the headpiece. Now free, the Doctor quickly sees there’s no way to stop the Cybermen unless they blow up the planet; Porridge, someone who worked with Wibbly to con customers, is revealed to be the missing Emperor by Angie, who realized the resemblance between him, a coin and a statue. Porridge voice-activates a bomb, getting everyone and the TARDIS teleported to an imperial ship. Clara rejects an offer of marriage from Porridge and the Doctor returns everyone home. The TARDIS also gifts Angie with a new mobile as hers was still on the planet.

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