The Angels Take Manhattan

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The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Central Park. While the Doctor is reading Amy a novel about a character called Melody Malone, Rory is taken by a Weeping Angel on his way back from getting coffee. In 1938 New York City, Rory meets River Song, posing as a private investigator and, as the Doctor discovers, the author of his Melody Malone novel. The Doctor and Amy use the novel to break their way into a time-locked 1938 and find Rory, while he and River investigate the Angels’ takeover of Manhattan. At the Winter Quay hotel, they find an aged Rory on his deathbed, confirming Rory’s fate. The Angels created the hotel in order to keep their victims and maintain a constant source of potential energy on which to feed. To escape his fate, Rory and Amy jump off the top of the building to their deaths, creating a paradox that erases the Angels and their hotel. Waking up in a graveyard with the TARDIS, all seems well until Rory is transported by a surviving Angel. Rescuing him with another paradox would rip New York City apart. As the Doctor begs Amy to come back into the TARDIS, she bids him a tearful farewell and allows the Angel to send her back to Rory, creating a fixed point in time. Later, the devastated Doctor reads an afterword by Amy in the novel, telling him all is well and asking him not to be alone, as well as requesting he visit young Amelia Pond as she waits for him in the garden.

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