The Asylum of The Daleks

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The Asylum of the Daleks is the first episode of Series 7 and puts the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) face to face with the entire Dalek Parliament. It’s also the first apparition of Jenna Coleman as one of Clara Oswald’s echoes and marks the beginning of the story arc of the Impossible Girl. This episode has also a prequel,

The Doctor receives a call from help from the ruins of Skaro which ends up being a trap. He is kidnapped by a humanoid Dalek that takes him to the center of the Dalek Parliament. There he meets his friends, Amy and Rory, now a divorced couple, that had also made prisoners by the Daleks. Much for their surprise, the Daleks this time need their help. One year before, the crashing of the spaceship Alaska had damaged the force field around the planet and now there is a risk that the mad Daleks can escape. So, the Parliament decides to destroy the planet, but the rupture in the force-field is not enough to allow it and them they need the Doctor’s help to deactivate the force-field. The Daleks are also surprised with a transmission they had received from the planet, since no one is supposed to survive the planet’s nanogene cloud, which would convert anyone into Dalek puppet to serve the facility’s security systems.

asylum of the daleks

Being afraid of descending to the planet to deactivate the force-field themselves, the Daleks send the Doctor, Amy and Rory to complete the task, giving to each one of them a bracelet that would protect them of being transformed into Dalek puppets. Investigating the transmission, the Doctor finds out that behind it is a woman named Oswin Oswald, the Junior Entertainment manager of the Alaska. She tells them that she has been battling Daleks for the last year and making shuffles , what makes the Doctor wonder how she got the milk and eggs.

After being dropped in the planet’s surface and being separated from Rory, who falls into a long shaft straight into the middle of the Asylum, Amy and the Doctor are found by Harvey, another survivor from the Alaska that takes them to meet the rest of the surviving crew. Soon enough, though, they find out that obviously there is no survivors as all of them had been transformed into Dalek puppets that try to kill them. In their getaway, Amy’s bracelet is stolen by one of the puppets just a moment before the two of them are saved by Oswin. She had hacked into the planet’s system and, after saving Rory from some Daleks that he accidentally had awakened inside the Asylum, she is able to trace Amy and the Doctor and save them just in time. Oswin then guides the three of them until they are reunited once more. Amy, unprotected now, begins to be converted, suffering from hallucinations and memory loss.

Suspecting that the Daleks will destroy the planet as soon as the force-field is deactivated, the Doctor knows that he needs to find out a way out, otherwise they will die in there. Fortunately, he discovers a teleport that can take them out of there if the force-field is deactivated, which Oswin claims to know how to do it, since she had break in the hived consciousness of the Daleks. Although, Oswin tells the Doctor that she only will do it if he would take her with them, freeing her of her imprisonment on the planet. Letting Rory to take care of Amy, the Doctor goes looking for Oswin.

Rory, once more proving his undying love for Amy, tries to give her his bracelet, arguing that his transformation will be slower because between them, he was always the one who loved more. But Amy, refuses it, explaining that she does love him as much as he loves her; she has only giving up of him because she can’t give him children. They realize then that the Doctor had already slipped his own bracelet into Amy’s arm and hadn’t told them anything probably because he wanted to force them to admit their feelings for each other.

asylum of the daleks

I am human!

The Doctor finally finds Oswin and discovers that she has been fully converted into a Dalek, who transformed her to preserve her genius instead of letting her being converted into just a puppet, yet she still believes she is a human. When she finds out the horrible truth about herself, she almost succumbs to her Dalek personality. But she is unable of killing, since there are still too much humanity inside her, all the time she locked herself from the reality pretending she was a human, saving part of her soul from the evil Dalek mind.


Oswin decides to help the Doctor, removing all the registers of him from the Dalek hive intelligence and deactivates the force-field, making him a last request: “Run, run, you clever boy, and remember…”

The Doctor come back to find Amy and Rory and the three of them teleported themselves back to the TARDIS just before the planet is destroyed by the Daleks, who can’t recognize the Doctor anymore after Oswin’s little help, the Parliament asking in confusion when he annouces to be the Doctor: “Doctor Who?”.


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