Series 5

downton-abbey-s5x01 (2)Episode 1 An indecent proposal, an illegitimate child, a secret downstairs that could endanger someone’s job, blackmailing, a fire, people sneaking into bedrooms in the middle of the night, a wedding anniversary, and political arguments at the dinner table.

downton-abbey-S05x02 (2355)Episode 2 A bitter sweet farewell, a broken heart, a plan to protect the truth, painful cracks in a solid marriage, a very flirtatious art expert, an admirer who returns to confront some certainties, conversations about sex in the library, the anger of a jealous Earl, old friends on opposite sides, loyalties put to the test, a wireless full of wires, an escape to Liverpool, a mysterious visit from police.

downton-abbey-series5x03Episode 3 An affair in Liverpool, an indiscreet witness, a hidden past revealed, a tour at the National Gallery, an unsuccessful surprise, Rose’s Russians, police interrogations, a teacher who talks too much and houses in Pip’s corner.

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